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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whips at 2011 Florida Classic Pt.1

Whips at the 2011 Florida Classic in Orlando

Chevy Donk on 26" Forgiatos

Outrageous Bondi Beach Hummer on 28"s

Yellow Dodge Charger R/T on 26"s

Oldsmobile Delta-88 Vert on 28" Rockstars

Outrageous Pontiac Catalina on 28" DUB Swyrl Floaters

Cadillac SRX on 28" Rockstars

Lauderdale Chevy Vert on 26" DUB Bellagio Floaters

Infiniti FX35 on 28" DUB Kingster Floaters

Pearl Chevy Bubble on 24" DUB Bellagio Floaters

Female's Chevy Cobalt on 22" DUB Creed Floaters

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