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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BC Suspension FIXES BMW 7-Series on 30"s by a Certian Shop's Faulty Lift Work

BC Suspension FIXES The First BMW 7-Series on 30"s done by Another Shops Faulty Lift Work

Bmw 7 on 30's Falls Completely on It's Right Side!

Lift Fails, F's Up the Fenders and Body!


Messed Up Fenders

Time For BC Suspension ( 352-789-3445) to Step In And Fix the Lift!

Lift Fixed and Done The Right Way by BC Suspension- 352-789-3445

Came In with another shop's Sticker, Now Leavin with the BC Suspension's Sticker!

First BMW 745 Li on 30" DUB Swyrl Floaters lifted the Right Way

- Pictures Speak Louder than Words! The Truth is Out!

Also Shouts out to Audio Creationz is 352-266-4598




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