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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Whips At the 2014 FAMU Homecoming

Whips At the 2014 FAMU Homecoming

Candy Slime Infiniti FX45 on 32" Zuma Amani Forged

Vic Gettin his Challenger on 30's Ready

Candy Pink GL450 on 30" Asantis

Gettin Ready to Hit FAMU

Green FX45 on 32" AmaniForged Loadin Up

Lauderdale Tag Team Mercedes GL450's on 30" And 32"s

Whips Loaded Up and Ready To Go!

Lauderdale Whips Comin to Tally Homecoming

Live at the 2014 Famu Homecoming!

Takin Over the Streets!

Candy Orange FX35 on 30" Forgiatos Slidin

Slime Infiniti FX45 on 32" Amani Forged

Sittin Clean on 32"s

Gold Wrap GL-450 Mercedes on 32" Forgiatos

First GL-450 on 32"s 

Tag Team Mercedes GL Trucks Takin Over Tally Streets!

Back 2 Back Pressure!

Candy Pink GL450 on 30" Asantis

Gold GL450 on 32's Killin Tally Streets

Pink Mercedes Benz Truck on 30's Asantis

Grill Done by Grill Dzigns

Gold Wrap N Candy Paint

Lauderdale Whips Applyin Pressure In Tally

GL on 30's, GL450 on 32's And FX45 on 32's Slidin

Lauderdale Stunnas

Posted up At the Music Shop in Tally

Gold Wrap Benz on 32's And Candy Gold Tahoe on 32"s

Lauderdale Whip Game Crazy!

Came To Takeover!

Lauren Pullin Up In Her Candy Red Murano Got Everybody Lookin!

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