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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Whips Slidin on Sundays

Lauderdale Whips Slidin on Sundays

GL450 on 34's SRX on 34's And FX on 32's

Whips In the Mirror Are Bigger than they Appear

Candy Pink GL-450 And SRX on 34" Forgiatos

FX45 on 32's Ridin

Posted at the Carwash

Gl-450 on 34"s And Gold Wrap GL Benz on 32's

Candy Slime Nissan Murano on 30"s

Posted Up At the Racetrac 

Everybody Ridin on Sundays

FX45 on 32" Amani Forged

Gold Wrap Mercedes-Benz GL-450 on 32" Forgiatos


Heavy Pressure!

Gold Mercedes GL450 on 32's Forgis Ridin

Whips Ridin Down To South Beach

Gold Wrap GL450 on 32"s Up FOR SALE

Chrome Infiniti FX35 on 32" Forgiatos

Candy Slime Nissan Murano on 30's

Slidin Heavy

Candy Pink SRX on 34" Forgiatos

Killin South Beach Streets!

Everybody Pullin Out They Cameras!

Got Em Acting Crazy When the Whips Come Thru!

Makin A Movie On South Beach!

Lauderdale Hit Game Crazy!

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