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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lauderdale Whipz

Lauderdale Whipz 

Candy Lime Gold Chevy on 24' Gold Daytons

Candy Orange Infiniti FX35 on 30" Forgiatos

FX35 on 32's Floaters

Infiniti Game

Chevy Donk on 30' Forgiatos

Chevy Tahoe on 30" Asantis

Chevy Box on 26" Forgiatos

FX45 on 32' Amani And Chevy on 30" Forgiatos

Posted Up Coolin

Candy Tangerine FX35 on 30's Forgis

Chevy Game

Candy Gold Infiniti M on 30" Forgiatos

Candy Red Chevy Bubble on 26' Forgiatos

Candy Red Charger on 26" Asantis

Bubble Chevy Sittin on 26' Forgis

Candy Slime FX45 on 32' Amani

FX on 32's And Murano on 30's Ridin

Takin Over Sunrise Blvd

Black Porsche Cayenne on Brushed 30" Forgiatos 

Turnin Up on Sunrise Blvd

Back to Back Candy Slimes

Cayenne Clean on 30" Forgiatos

Cutlass on 32" Forgiatos and FX35 on 30" Forgiatos

Cayenne on 30's Forgis Ridin

Cutlass on 32" Forgiatos

Chrome Pink Challenger on 32" Forgiatos

Palm Beach Challenger on 32' Forgiatos

Chevy Shortbed on 26" Asantis

Shortbed Chevy on 26' Asanti Rims

Cadillac Escalade on 30" Forgiatos

Everybody Slidin

Candy Red Infiniti M35 on 26" Forgiatos

A HIT in the Infiniti M Game

Sittin Clean on 26"s

Escalade on 30" Forgiatos And Infiniti on 30' Forgiatos

Candy Red M on 26' Forgiatos

Infiniti FX Game 

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