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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Musa's Candy Teal Infiniti FX35 on 32" Forgiatos

NEW Paintjob! Musa's Candy Teal Infinit FX35 on 32's Forgiatos Painted by Kandy Randy 954-226-3251

  Before: Candy Gold FX35 on 32's Forgis

Went To Kandy Randy And Wet Candy Teal

WET Candy Teal Paintjob by Kandy Randy! 954-226-3251

A HIT in the Infiniti FX Game

Musa Still Applyin Pressure in the Streets

Get A Kandy Randy Paintjob Special- Call Or Text: 954-226-3251

FX Rollin Clean and Wet on 32's

Bendin Corners Thru the Hood

From Tallahasse to Lauderdale For that Real Deal Kandy paintjob!

Goin Back to Kill the Streets of Tally!

Shouts Out to the Homie Musa!

Sportscenter Material! 

Musa's Candy Teal Infiniti FX35 on 32" Forgiatos 

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