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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Japan White Chevy Camaro on 32" Amani

In Japan White Chevy Camaro on Brushed 32" Amani Forged

Before: Yellow Camaro on 30's Forgiatos

Japan White Camaro on Brushed 30's Forgiatos

White Camaro Sittin Clean on 30's Forgis

Gettin The Camaro All Cleaned Up

A HIT in the Steets of Japan

Them Boys In JAPAN Doin it BIG! 

Took Off the 30's And Mounted up 32"s Amani

Camaro Sittin up Clean on Amani 32's

White And Brushed Super Clean

Applying Pressure in the Whip Game WorldWide!

They Keep the Camaro Clean and Washed up

Big Shouts out to Japan

Japan Foreign Camaro on Brushed 32's

Big Ups To E-Class Inc

Camaro on 32's And SRX on 30's In JAPAN

Cut and Lift Game Super Clean

The Streets of Japan Wont be the Same Again

Camaro Done Just Right

Lift Done by "Candy Shop" in Japan

Japan Is Raising the Bar

A Major Hit From Across the Pacific Ocean

Camaro on 32's Parked in the Streets of Japan

In Japan White Chevy Camaro on Brushed 32" Amani Forged

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