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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Whips Ridin at the 2016 Famu Homecoming Weekend Pt.3

Whips Ridin at the 2016 Famu Homecoming Weekend Pt.3

Candy Orange Ford Mustang GT on Black 24" Forgiatos

Jaguar XF And Ford Mustang on 24" Forgiatos

Candy Blurple 2015 Ford Mustang on Brushed 24" Forgiatos

Exclusive Foreign Hits Line Up

Matte Blue Porsche Cayenne on Gold 32" Forgis

5.0 Mustang on Black 24" Forgiatos

Koly P Slidin In Snowzay's Q50 on 26's

Kolyon And Snowzay Flickin It Up For Snapchat

Outrageous 2015 C7 Corvette Stingray on Gold 24" Forgiatos

Corvette Burnin out on 24's!

Corvette Smoked Out the Scene

Audi S5 Coupe on 28" Diragio Floaters

Candy Pink Challenger SRT8 on 30" Floaters

Candy Purple Cayenne on 32" Rucci Forged

Cayenne Stunting on 32's Rucci

Outrageous Ford Mustang on 28" DUB Bellagio Floaters

Oldsmobile on 28" DUB Bellagio Floaters

White Pontiac G8 on 22' Inferno Forgiatos

A New HIT in the Porsche Cayenne Game

S5 Audi Coupe on 28's Floaters

Brushed Red GLE-450 AMG on 26's Forgiatos

Chrome Red C7 Chevy Corvette on 24" Forgiatos

Candy Red 2015 Chrysler 300 on 28" Starrs

SRT8 Challenger on 30's Amani Forged

Chrome Blue Cadillac CTS-V Coupe on 28's Davin Spinners

Candy Teal Nissan Altima Coupe on 26's Amani Forged

GLE450 AMG on Concave 26's Forgiatos

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