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Monday, September 3, 2018

Hellrell's 71 Chevy Vert on 28's Forgiatos In the Makin

Hellrell's  1971 Chevrolet Convertible on 28" Forgiato Wheels in the Lab

Before: His GLE Benz on 26's Forgiatos And SRX on 34's Forgiatos 

Now Rell Is Jumping Into the Chevy Donk Game 

Chevy Sittin on 28's Forgis

Big Brakes And A Custom Racing Suspension!

Mounted Up on Exclusive Chrome 28's Forgiato Wheels 

Suspension Getting Race Ready on 28's 

Staggered 28's Forgiato Wheels 

A New HIT Comin To the Chevy Game 

New Custom Color Paintjob on the Chevy on the Way!

A New Player in the Chevy Donk Racing Game 

HellRell's 71 Chevy Vert on 28's Forgiatos In the Makin 




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