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Thursday, March 7, 2019

First in the World Nissan 350Z on 30"s

First in the World Yellow Nissan 350Z on 30"s

BEFORE: 350Z on 22"s DUB Cream Floaters

Then on 26" DUB Presidential Floaters

350Z Skatin on 6's Skates

350Z Sittin Clean on 26's Floaters

NOW! Its the First Ever 350Z on Earth on 30"s 

Lift Done by Florida Boy Customs 

Nissan Z Sittin Clean on 30's 

A NEW HIT in the Game 

350Z Choppin Hard on 30's 

It's A 30"s World 

They Didnt Think This was Possible!

350Z Applyin Pressure to the Streets 

Triple Tag Team Malibu on 30's, 350Z on 30's And STS on 28's 

30's Got the 350Z on Beast Mode

350Z Coupe Pullin Big 30's 

No Other 350Z Nissan Like this in the World 

A Certified HIT in the Car Game 

Z Sittin Big in the Streets of Tally

A 350Z on 30's Means Anything Is Possible 

350Z on 30's Winning Trophies at the Carshow 

KING 350Z ?

The Smallest Coupe on Big 30's 

First in the World Nissan 350Z on 30"s 

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