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Sunday, April 28, 2019

First In the World Cadillac CTS Wagon on 30" Amani Forged

Darcelle's First in the World Cadillac CTS Wagon on 30" Amani Forged

First Ever CTS Wagon on 30's Amani 

His Whip BEFORE: R350 Mercedes on 30's Asantis 

Went And Bought Some 30's Amani Forged Wheels 

First Ever CTS Wagon Mounted up on 30's Amani 

Big 30's Up Under the Caddy 

A NEW HIT in the Game 

Applyin Pressure in the Streets of Cleveland!

CTS Wagon Choppin Hard on 30's Amani 

Applyin Pressure to All the Caddies in the Game!

The New KING CTS Wagon??

Caddy on 30's A Beast In the Streets of Ohio

30's Amani With the Tracvision Satelite Dish 

Wagon Sittin tall on 30's 

Caddy Ready to Kill the Streets 

Wagon Stuntin Hard On South Beach 

Shouts out to the Homie Darcelle 

Black Cadillac CTS Wagon on Brushed 30" Amani Forged

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