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Friday, June 15, 2012

Whips at the 2012 East Coast Ryders/ 99 Jamz Carshow

Whips at the 2012 East Coast Ryders/ 99 Jamz Carshow

Craig's M45 on 28's at the Show

Justice League- Batman Chevy Camaro on 26" Forgiato Autonomo

Outrageous Chevy Impala-"Under Construction"

Airbrushed Chevy Impala-"Only God Can Judge Me"

"Dragon Ball Z" Toyota Camry

Cadillac SRX on 32" Forgiatos Emilano

Outrageous SRX N Murano

30" VF602 Asantis N 32" Forgiato Emilano

Green Charger on 26"s

Outrageous Volvo C70 on 22" Forgiato Grassetto

Outrageous Chevy Monte Carlo on 24" Fiore Forgiatos

Silver Chevy Donk on 26" Forgiatos

Candy Red Buick Skylark on 26" DUB Swyrl Floaters at the Show

Camaro Zl1 on 28" Forgiatos N Black SS on 26" Forgiatos

Black Chevy Camaro on 24" Forgiato Inferno

Outrageous ZL1 Camaro on 28's

Chevy Impala SS on 24" Asantis

Justice League Challengers

Chevy Vert on 26" Forgiatos

Chevy Donkon 24" Forgiato Ovale

White Chevy Vert on 26" ASANTIS

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