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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whips Slidin at Wildwood 2012 Fathers Day

Whips Slidin at Wildwood 2012 Fathers Day

Lauderdale Whips Pullin Up at Wildwood

Red Cadillac Escalade on 32" Inferno Forgiatos

Haitian Flag Chevy Camaro on 28" Forgiato Infernos

Clean Red Insides

Squattin on 28' Forgiatos

White Chevy Camaro SS on 30" Forgiato Azioni

Polk County Camaros on Forgiatos

Candy Purple Infiniti FX35 on 30" Forgiato Autonomo

Candy Red Infiniti M45 on 28" Davin Devious

Candy Blue Ford Mustang GT on 26" Forgiato Grassetto

Mercury Cougar on 26" DUB Phenom Floaters

Candy Purple Chrysler 300C on 30" ASANTIS

White Camaro on 30" Azioni Forgiatos

Clean Interior

Black Cadillac Escalade on 30" DUB Guru Floaters

on 275/25/30 Skinnies

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