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Saturday, January 5, 2013

WTW Customs- AD's First In da Game 2012 Infiniti FX35 on 30" DAVIN Floaters

AD's World Record FIRST  2012 White Infiniti FX35 on 30" DAVIN  Floaters Lifted by WTW Customs Broward 754-200-6050

AD Dropped Da First NEW HIT of 2013 N FIRST 2012 FX on 30's!

Sittin Clean on 30's

Clean And Classy White

2012 FX35 on 30" Davin Floaters

Squattin on 30's

2012 FX Grill

FULL U-TURNS on 30's!

White On White

30" Davins

Monopoly AD's White 2012 FX35 on 30"s DAVIN Floaters

Monopoly Boys Whips On 30's

AD With Da First NEW Hit of 2013

What Color Should He Spray It?

AD's World 1st White 2012 Infinti FX35 on 30" DAVIN TWSTD Floaters done by WTW Customs - 754-200-6050


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