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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Whips At the 2014 Florida Classic PT.1

Whips At the 2014 Florida Classic PT.1

Whips Slidin In Orlando 2014 Classic

Candy Gold FX And Candy Green FX on 32"s

Infiniti FX's Back To Back on 32"s

Lauren's Candy Red Murano Vert on 32" Amani

Lauren Snapped! 

CTS And Murano on Amani Forged Rims

Infiniti FX Kings!

D's Infiniti FX45 on 32" Amani Forged

2014 Mercedes Benz CLS on 22" Amani Forged

Whips Takin Over the Streets!

T2's FX35 on 30" Floaters

FX35 on 30's Floaters And CTS Wagon on 26's Amani Swervin

Candy Purple BMW 7 on 30" Magro Forgiatos

Chevy Box on 30" DUB Floaters Slidin

Candy Purple BMW on 30's Forgis

Box on 30's Floaters 

CTS Wagon on Brushed 26" Amani Forged

CTS Wagon on 26's Amani VS Cts on 24's Floaters

Whips Slidin

2012 Ford Taurus on 28" Davin Floaters

Ford Taurus on 28" Floaters Slidin

Took Over the Streets!!

Musa's Candy Gold FX35 on 32" Forgiatos

Ford Taurus on 28"s Davin Spinners

All The HITS Out!

Tim's Candy Tangerine Infiniti FX35 on 30" Forgiatos

Candy Tangerine Dodge Challenger on 30" Forgiatos

Caddy Wagon on 26's Amani And Challenger on 30's Forgis

Von's Suede 2014 Malibu on 28's Floaters Glowing in The Dark

House Of Toy's Outrageous Camaro Vert on 34" Forgiatos

Outrageous Camaro on 34" Forgiatos Killin The Parkin Lot

Camaro on 34" Forgiatos 

2014 Florida Classic Streets On SMASH!!!

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