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Monday, February 15, 2016

BMW X6 And Range Rover Sport on 32"s Forgiatos Tag Team

 Range Rover Sport and BMW X6 on 32"s Forgiatos Tag Team

X6 And Range Rover on 32"s Forgiatos

White X6 on 32's Forgiatos

King X6 Rollin Hard

Rover And X6 Posted

Big 32"s Forgiatos on Foreigns

X6 done Just right

At the TOP of the X6 Game

Range Rover Sport on 32's Forgis Ridin

King Rover on 32's Forgis

Range Rover Sittin Clean on 32's

32 inch Forgiato Mounted up Just Right

Rover on 32's Applyin Pressure to the Streets

Foreign Brothas On Forgis

32"s Forgis On the Rover And X6

X6 32"s Autonomo Forgiatos

Range Rover 32" Girato Forgiatos

White And Chrome Super Clean

Pick One! Range Rover or X6

Both Sittin on 32"s Rims Flushed In

It''s Only Right! Big Body Foreigns N Forgis

BMW on 32inch Forgi Wheels

Givin The Streets Pressure Back To Back!

King Rover And King X6 on 32's Ridin

"Big Shoes On the Car And She Likes it" - Jeezy

Big 32"s Takin Over Traffic

So Beautiful When Them Foreigns Back2Back

X6 Beast on 32's Skatin

32's On the X6 So Fresh And So Clean

Exclusive Foreign Tag Team!

2 Of the Biggest Hits in the Game

Range Rover Sport on 32"s Foriatos And BMW X6 on 32's Forgiatos Tag Team

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