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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Kodak Black's Candy Orange Oldsmobile Cutlass Vert on Gold 30" Forgiatos

Kodak Black's Candy Orange Oldsmobile Cutlass Vert on Gold 30" Forgiatos

Kodak's Cutlass Vert on Gold 30's Forgis 

BEFORE: Kodak's First HIT in the G-Body Car Game 

Kodak Went And Cut the Top On the Cutlass!

From Hardtop To Convertible Cutlass

Gettin Kodak's Cutlass Ready for the Streets 

Kodak Applyin Pressure in the Rap Game And Cutlass Game!

71 Chevy Vert on 28's Savinis And Cutlass Vert on 30's Forgis 

Cutlass Nice And Squatted on Gold 30's Forgis 

One of the Most Exclusive Cuttlass's In the Game 

Old School Game Crazy 

Representin the Streets of Pompano 

Cutlass Choppin Hard on All Gold 30's Forgis 

Sniper Gang Leader

Cutlass Clean on the Insides With the Gold Steering Wheel

Road Runner Bill on the Seats

Gold 30" Forgiatos Gleemin Hard on the Cutty

It's A 30"s World!

Drop Top Cutlass Super Clean on 30's 

Kodak Snapped Again

Kodak the Neighborhood Hero

Big 30's on the Cutlass With the Big Mansion House 

Kodak's Wheels Gold Plated by STN Customs 

Is Kodak the New KING Cutlass?

Kodak Got the Cutlass In his Garage At his Mansion 

His First Official HIT In the Game 

Cutlass Game Back 2 Back on 30"s 

Cutlass Gettin Some Adjusments Before Kodak Hits the Streets 

Convertible Oldsmobile Super Clean on Gold Forgiatos 

Cutlass Drippin Oranges on Golds 

F'Ck The Haters! Kodak Got One of the Hardest Cutlass's Out Here

Kodak About to REMIX the Cutlass!

Kill Bill's Cutlass Game 

Cutlass Touch Down to Cause Hell

Applyin Presure to All the G-Bodies!

Candy Orange On Everything! Even his Son Car

Favorite Color Orange 

Droppin the Cutlass Right in Front of the Mansion 

Kodak Aint Playin in the Cutlass Game 

Cutlass the Wettest Thing on the Avenue 

Cutlass Kid Kodak 

Kodak Uploadin his Cutlass on Instagram 

F*k The Haters!

Kodak Featuting his Cutlass Gettin Featured At the Chris Brown Pills Videoshoot 

At the Transportin Videoshoot 

Cutlass A Orange N Gold Beast in the Streets 

Kodak One of the Hottest Rappers in the Game Right Now 

Shouts Out to the Homie Kodak For Applyin Pressure in the Cutlass Game

Kodak Black's Candy Orange Oldsmobile Cutlass Vert on Gold 30" Forgiato Wheels 

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