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Monday, May 6, 2019

Gold Chevy Camaro SS Vert on Gold 30" Forgiatos

Gold Chevy Camaro SS Vert on Gold 30" Girato Forgiato Wheels

Gold And Teal Camaro Vert on Gold 30's Forgis 

A Certified HIT in the Camaro Game 

Convertible Camaro SS on Gold 30's 

A NEW HIT in the Camaro Game 

Exclusive All Gold 30" Girato Forgiato Wheels 

Camaro Clean And Squatted on 30's 

A HIT in the Streets of Ohio 

Camaro Ready to Touchdown and Cause Hell 

Exclusive Custom Doors in the Camaro 

SS All Gold with the Teal Top 

Chevy Applyin Pressure in the Streets 

Tag Team Camaro Game on 30's Forgiatos 

One of the Most Exclusive Camaros in the Game 

That Gold Shinin Bright in the Streets 

Camaro SS Stuntin Hard at the Carshow 

Carshow Killa!

Camaro Gettin All the Attention At the Show 

1st Place Trophy at the King of Ohio Carshow 

Drop Top Camaro King 

Applyin Pressure to All the Camaros in the Game 

Vert SS Super Clean on Gold 30's 

Camaro Lifted on 30's by the Homie Darcelle 

All Gold everything like Trinidad James 

Camaro Choppin 30's Thru the Streets of Ohio 

Gold Camaro A Real Beast in the Streets 

The New Gold Standard in the Chevy Camaro League 

Them Girls Lovin the Camaro SS Vert on 30's 

Big Shouts Out to the Homie ED

Homie Stuntin Hard on Em 

Gold Chevy Camaro SS Vert on Gold 30" Forgiato Wheels 

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