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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Candy Purple BMW X6 on Gold 30" Forgiatos

Candy Purple BMW X6 on Gold 30" Forgiatos Wheels

Before: Candy Teal X6 on 30's Forgis

Hollywood Went and Switched it Up!

WET Candy Purples And Gold Forgiatos

Gold Grill and Gold Forgiatos by Kandy Randy

Candy Purple Paintjob by Sudie

Custom X6 Grill by GRILL DZIGNS- Call/Text: 813-922-2776

Looking Like a New HIT in the Game

X6 Sittin Clean on 30's

Exclusive Gold 30's Forgiatos

X6 Rollin Hard in the Streets

Applying More Pressure to the BMW X6 Game!

Sits Clean And Fresh on 30's

" Got a Purple Heart for War and I Aint Never Left the City" - 50cent

Candy Purple and Gold Like Royalty X6

Killin the Streets of Ft.Myers

Drippin Kandy Purple Grapes On The Haters

From teals To Candy Purple And Golds Just Right

When She Sees the X6 Come Thru She Be Like:

Big Shouts out to GRILL DZIGNS on the Grill

Get Your Grille for a LOW Prices- CAll/Text: 813-922-2776

A Certified HIT in the X6 Whip Game

Like No Other X6 In the Game Right Now

Shouts out to the Homie Hollywood

Straight Beast Mode! Purple Reign X6 30's

New King X6??

Hollywood's Candy Purple BMW X6 on Gold 30" Forgiato Rims

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