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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Purple Dodge Charger on 28" Azara Wheels

Purple Dodge Charger on 28" Azara Wheels

Charger on 28's Azara with the Lambo Doors

Charger Sittin Clean on 28's

Exclusive 28" Azara Wheels

Charger Gettin Fresh And Clean

Gassed Up And Ready To Ride

Mopar Charger Gang

A Certified HIT in the Charger Game

Exclusive 28" Azara Rims 

20s,22s,24s,26s,28s,30s, And 32"s Rims And Tires

Best Prices On Wheels And Tires

Call-Text: 954-837-6010

Shipping Available Nationwide!



Charger Extra Mean at Night Time

Get Your Wheels For A Low Price!


Purple Rain on 28's For the Haters

Ridin Big 28's 

Purple Dodge Charger on 28's Azara 

Call-Text Me @ 754-221-6764