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Friday, September 1, 2017

X6 BMW Ridin Big on 32's Forgiatos

White X6 BMW Ridin Big on 32's Forgiatos

X6 Ridin Big on 32's Forgiatos

X6 Lookin Extra Mean Sittin in Traffic

Big Body X6 Ridin Big on 32"s 

German BMW Dippin Thru Florida Traffic

A Major HIT In the BMW X6 Game

Got Everybody Breaking They Necks To See It Ride By

X6 Sits Clean on 32's Forgis

Riding Big Ridin Clean

You Have No Choice but To Notice It In Traffic

Big 32's Tucked Under The X6

It's Pressure When This X6 Comes Thru The Streets

32's Make the X6 look Like A SpaceShip Ridin

White BMW X6 on 32's Autonomo Forgiatos Ridin Big 

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