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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Candy Orange Lexus LS460 on 28" DUB Twstd Floaters

First in the World Candy Orange Lexus LS460 on 28" DUB Twstd Floaters

Before: First To Mount Up A Lexus LS460 on 28's DUB Wheels 

First Ever LS460 Lexus on 28's Floaters

28's Floaters Got the Lexus Sittin Clean 

WET Candy Oranges On the Lex 

A NEW HIT in the Lexus Game

Stunting Heavy in the Streets of VA

LS on 28's Dub Swyrl Floaters

Big Body Lexus on Big 28's 

Glowin Under Those Gas Station Lights

Lexus on 28's Floaters and Q7 on 32's Amani 

QX70 on 32's Floaters And LS on 28's Floaters

Lexus Available For Sale If Interested!

28's Flushed And Clean Under the Lexus 

Lexus on 28's Valet Parked At the Mall 

LS Lexus Goin Ice Skatin on 28's Swyrl Floaters

Drippin Orange Juice on 28's 

Exclusive Custom Lexus LS Grill by GRILL DZIGNS 

LOW Prices FREE Shipping 

Call/Txt: 813-922-2776

That Candy paint And Chrome Glowin When the Sun HITS

First In the World Lexus LS460 on 28"s DUB Floaters 

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