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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Candy Teal Cayenne on 32's And Candy Pink FX35 on 32's Forgiatos Painted by KANDY RANDY

Candy Teal Porsche Cayenne on 32's Amani Forged And Candy Pink Infiniti FX35 on 32's Forgiatos

Sprayed by Kandy Randy 954-226-3251

From Tally To Lauderdale For that Kandy Randy Paintjob!

Whips Loaded Up On Transport 

Pololoco's Cayenne on 32's Loaded Up 

Exclusive 32" Amani Forged Zuma Wheels Painted Up

Porsche Sittin Big on 32's Wheels 

Pololoco Done Snapped In the Porsche game!

Like A Dolphin Out Of Water on 32's 

Cayenne Extra Wet Candy Teals on 32's Amani By Kandy randy

A Certified HIT in the Porsche Cayenne Game 

Cayenne Porsche Grill Done by GRILL DZIGNS - LOW Prices- Call/Txt: 813-922-2776

Musa's Candy Teal FX35 Infiniti On 32's Azioni Forgiatos 

Musa Switched It Up And Went Candy Pink on The FX!

WET Candy Pink Paintjob by Kandy Randy!

Call-Or-Text KANDY RANDY At 954-226-3251

Exclusive Brushed 32's Forgiato Wheels 

FX Drippin WET Pinks By Kandy Randy 

Pink FX35 Fresh And Clean on 32's Forgis 

From Candy Teal To Candy Pinks Kandy Randy Always Comin Thru!

Musa's Snapped Once Again on the FX Game 

FX Heavy On the Scene 

Musa And Pololoco Goin Back To Tally on 32"s 

Big Hits On Big 32's Ready To Kill the Streets

Candy Teal Cayenne on 32's Amani And Candy Pink FX35 on 32's Forgiatos Painted By KANDY RANDY 





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