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Sunday, December 30, 2018

AD's Black Infiniti QX56 on 32" Enzo Forgiatos

AD's Black Infiniti QX56 on 32" Enzo Forgiatos

Monopoly Boy AD's QX Infiniti on 32's Forgis 

BEFORE:   AD's White Infiniti FX35 on 32's Amani 

Now His Back in the Game With a QX56 on 32's 

An Exclusive New HIT in the Game 

The Homie AD Puttin on His Tracvision Satelite Dish

Big Black QX on Big Chrome 32's Forgiatos 

At the Top Of the Game 

First Ever QX56 on 32's Forgiatos 

Black Whale on Chrome 32's 

AD is King QX56! 

Shooter Above The Rim 

32's Go Right On the QX56 With No Pressure 

Applyin Pressure On the Streets of Lauderdale 

Big Chrome 32" Enzo Forgiato Wheels 

Trapped Out the House Until The FEDS Raided

AD Snapped 

QX Rollin Big on 32's 

Big Body QX Truck on Big Rims 

Infiniti Lookin So Mean 

Above The Rim on Em 

You Gotta Stand Tall on These Haters

QX Rollin Loud 

Like No Other Infiniti QX in the Game Right Now 

Infiniti Sits Just Right on 32"s 

Looking Down on the Hating Ones 

QX on 32's Like A Black Whale Thru Traffic 

Infiniti QX on South Beach Rollin 

Riding Big Riding Clean 

Shouts Out to the Homie @AD_DaGreat

QX56 Still Rides Nice And Smooth on 32's 

Looks So Much Bigger In Person 

Above The Rim For All Ya Haters that Talk Sh!T 

Black Gang!

AD's Black QX56 Infiniti on 32" Forgiatos 

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