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Friday, February 8, 2019

First in the World Candy Red 78 Chevy Corvette on 30" Magro Forgiatos

First in the World Candy Red 78 Chevy Corvette on 30" Magro Forgiatos

First Ever in the World '78 Corvette on 30's Forgis 

A New Major HIT in the Car Game 

Big 30's On the 78 Corvette

Vette Came From the Bottom And Became a Diamond in the Game 

Vette Ridin Big on 30's Forgis 

30" Magro Forgiato Wheels 

Corvette Gettin Trailered To the Carshow 

Makin A Show in Front of the Hotel

Vette Bleedin the Streets of Orlando 

Corvette Choppin 30's Thru the Florida Classic Carshow 

Center of Attention At the Carshow 

One of the Most Exclusive HITS in the Game Right Now 

Shouts out to the Homie FatBoi

Official King Corvette

Gotta Love that 78 Corvette Body 

Those 30's Forgis Fit the Vette Just Right

Vette Parked Up Getting An Ocean View

Glowin In the Streets at Night 

Corvette On 30's Breaking Necks at the Big Carshow 

A Real Special Edition 78 Corvette

Vette on 30's And CTS-V on 32's at the Atlanta Carshow 

Corvette Applyin Pressure to the Streets!

Vette Gettin All the Love At the Beach

Racing Gas On Deck For the Corvette

Sittin 30" Above the Haters

All the Pretty Girls Love the Vette

Live At A Videoshoot 

Corvette Gets all the Love From the Ladies

The Biggest HIT on the Scene 

All Bloody Insides

Exclusive Custom Door Panels For the Corvette

Corvette on 30's Roamin Hard in the Streets Of Florida 

One And ONLY Corvette on Planet Earth on 30"s 

Homie Made His Vision Come To Life 

30's Forgis Make the Vette A Real Beast

Vette Posted In the Trenches

Nobody Thought the Corvette Would Look So Good on Big 30"s 

Corvette on 30's Sleeps Good in the Garage

This Corvette Is the Official Certified King Of The Streets Right Now 

World's First Candy Red 1978 Chevy Corvette on 30" Magro Forgiatos 




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