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Friday, February 1, 2019

Spectraflair Blue Nissan Maxima on 26" DUB Shokka Floaters

Outrageous Spectraflair Blue Nissan Maxima on 26" DUB Shokka Floaters

Before:   Silver Nissan Maxima on 26's Shokka DUB Floaters

A New HIT in the Nissan Maxima Game 

2014 Maxima Clean on 6's Spins 

Homie Went and Got it Sprayed Outrageous Spectraflair Blue 

New Makeover For the Max

Applyin Pressure to All the Maximas In the Car Game 

Got The Insides Done In the Max Too, Clean In And Out 

Light Action In the Max At Night

26's Shokkas Floaters Got the Max Lookin Super Clean 

That Spectraflair Paint Gets to Dancing When the Sun Hits

Maxima Heavy In the Streets 

Custom Maxima Grill Done by GRILL DZIGNS 

LOW Prices FREE Shipping 



Maxima Shinin Hard

Call it the So-Icy Maxima 

Maxima Glowin In the Club Parkin Lot 

Homie Killin the Max game 

Mustang on 28's Floaters And Maxima on 26's Floaters 

Outrageous Spectraflair Nissan Maxima on 26" DUB Shokka Floaters 




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