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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

CJ So Smooth's Exclusive Whip Game

CJ So Smooth's Exclusive Whip Game

The Homie CJ's Exclusive HIT Collection!

CJ's Black 392 Charger Scatpack on 26" DUB Swyrl Floaters

Switched the 6's to DUB WOOZE Floaters

He Went an Wrapped the Charger Blue 

 A Certified HIT in the Charger Game 

Scatpack Sittin Clean on 6's Floaters

When you Know Your HIT Clean!

Drippin Flavor On the Haters

Homie Flipped it Again Matte Orange!

Scatpack Glowin in the Streets 

Heavy Music in the Charger

Got his Truck Pullin his Charger to the Carshow 

Ready to HIT the Carshow 

Applyin Pressure to All the Chargers in the Game 

Charger Drippin Oranges

Pumpkin on 26's Spinners

Charger Game Crazy!

Scatpack Burnin 26's Floaters

CJ Flipped it Again Again! Lime Gold This Time!

Lime Gold on 26's Floaters

Took the 26's Dub Floaters Off 

Now on 26's Forgiatos 

New Heels on the Scatpack 

Big House And Big Whips!

Headed to Another Carshow 

Ford Truck And Charger on 26's 

Yellow Charger Gang!

26's Tucked Under the Charger 

Big Shouts out to the Homie Corey!

Mopar Scatpack Choppin on 26's Forgis 

His Box Chevy on 28's Forgis And Chevy MC on 26's Floaters

Swithed the Monte Carlo Rims to 26's Forgiatos 

MC Choppin on Big 26's

Chevy Sittin Clean on 26's 

One of the Cleanest Chevy Monte Carlos in the Game Right now 

Big Hits and Big House!

G-Body Pressure!

Glowin Up At the Gas Station 

Brushed 26's Under the MC 

Corey Got a Carshow in his Driveway!

Tested Fitted 26's Forgiatos on the Box Chevy 

Corey's Candy Red Chevy Vert on Gold 26's 

Got His Ford Truck Pullin his Chevy To the Carshow 

One Man's Whip Game 

CJ's Murdered Out Lifted Ford Truck 

His Wife's Custom Wrap C-Class Mercedes-Benz 

His Infamous Chevy LS Box on 28's Forgiatos 

Slide the Box Chevy With his Wife by his Side

Corey Got the Frontyard Lookin Crazy!

Them Old Schools Sleep Good in the Garage

Hottest House in the Neighborhood

Corey Flipped the Charger Again To Look Way Better!

Slime 392 Dodge Charger Scatpack on 26" DUB Floaters

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