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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ace-1's Random Cell Phone Pics

 Random Cell Phone Pics By Ace-1

Mercedes C-Class on 24" DUB Dope Floaters at WTW Broward

White Nissan Maxima on 22" Misto Forgiatos

Chevy Donk on 26's Autonomo Forgiatos

26's Forgis with the Skirt

Candy Slime green Chevy Monte Carlo on 28's DUB Floaters

Pickin Up K-Stunna's Candy Teal Donk at Sudamars

Wet Gold Vert And teal Donk at Sudie

Candy Slime Green Chevy Box on 26" Forgiatos Taglio

30's Dubs N 30's Forgiatos, 30"s World at WTW

Charger on 30's Davin Att1 Floaters N Chevy MC on 28's Dub Floaters 

The 9to5 Stunnaz In the Makin!

Wet Candy Pink BMW 750 Li on 26's Forgiatos Taglio

Wet Pink Chevy Donk in the Booth at Kandy Randy- 954-226-3251

WET Candy Organic Green Chevy LS Box on 26"s Forgiatos Fiore with The Forgiato Grill At Kandy Randy

G35 on 26's Forgiatos N Candy Teal Chevy Vert on 32"s Forgiatos Aresto at WTW

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