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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lauderdale Monopoly Boyz Slidin To FAMU Homecoming 2012

Lauderdale Monopoly Boyz Whips Slidin To FAMU Homecoming 2012

Polo's Candy Red Audi A8 on 28's

AD's Candy Orange Saturn Outlook on 30's DUB Floaters

J's Infiniti G35 Coupe on 26" DUB Floaters

AD's G35 Coupe on 22" Forgiatos

Slidin To Famu Homecoming In Tally

Jitt's Audi Q7 Truck on 30"s Forgiatos

Audi Q7 on 30's Forgiatos N Outlook on 30's Floaters Slidin in Tally

Brandwine Q7 on 30's Forgiatos with 275/25/30 Dub tires by WTW

Monopoly Boyz Truck Game

30's Forgis N 30's Floaters

Polo's World Record First Audi A8 on 28" Asanti Rims by WTW

Wet Candy Red Paintjob on the Audi A8 on 28's

A8 on 28's on DA Scene in Tally

Slidin Down 30's Forgiatos N Dub Floaters in Tally 

Monopoly Boyz Pullin up on Da Scene Heavy!


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