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Friday, November 16, 2012

Whips Slidin at FAMU HomeComing Carshow 2012

Whips Slidin at FAMU HomeComing Carshow 2012 PT.1

Whips Gettin a Wash

G35 Coupe on 22" Forgiatos N G35 on 26" DUB Floaters

Camaro on 28" Fiore Forgiatos

Donk on 28" DUB Ganjas

Wet Candy Audi A8 on 28" Asanti Rims

Black Dodge Truck on 30's Slidin

Outrageous LEXUS RX350 on 28" DUB DA U Floaters

Outrageous Dodge Charger on 26" Giadorno Forgiatos

Clean Lexus RX350 on 28" DA U Floaters

Candy Red Chevy Donk on 28" DUB Ganja

Whips Slidin

G35 on 22" Forgiatos, G35 on 26's Floaters, Audi A8 on 28's

Candy Red Ford Edge on 28" DUB Bandito Floaters

Candy Pink Ford Crown Vic on 28"s

White Dodge Challenger on 26" DAVIN TWSTD Floaters

Candy Red Camaro on 26" Forgiatos, Harley Davidson Truck on 32" Asantis

Chevy Camaro Vert on 24" DUB Super-Nova Floaters

Candy Brandywine 2011 Audi Q7 on 30" Forgiatos

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