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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Biggz Candy Pink Mercedes-Benz GL-450 on 34" Forgiatos

First in The World GL-450 Mercedes-Benz on 34" Girato Forgiatos

Candy Pink GL-450 on 34" Forgiato Rims 

First Ever GL-450 Mercedes on 34"s

34"s Sit Flushed and Clean on the GL Benz

Mercedes Ready to Kill the Streets

34"s Painted by Kandy Randy

Exclusive Trunk Game!

Ridin Good And Smooth on 34" Rims!

Lift Done Right by WTW Customs

Gl-450 Sittin Big on 34's Forgis

Killin the Foreign Benz Game!

WET Candy Magenta Pink Paintjob

Grille Done by GRILL DZIGNS- Call/Text: 813-995-7009

At The Top of The GL Mercedes Game

Big Body Benz Truck on Big 34"s! Its Only Right!

Clean Inside And Out

Custom Bar In the Back of The GL Mercedes!

Straight FLEXIN On These lil Haters!

Crown him KING GL-450!

Big Shouts Out to the Homie BIggz For Killin The Game

34"s Forgiatos Rollin Hard on the Benz

Biggz Mercedes-Benz GL-450 on 34" Forgiatos 

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