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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

HouseOfToyz Super Wheels And Tires Sale! Best Prices In America!

House Of Toyz is Having Super Wheels And Tires Sale! Best Prices In America!

Call-Or-Text: 252-767-1981

House Of Toyz Outrageous Camaro Vert on 34" Forgiatos

Exclusive New 2016 DUB Floaters ON SALE!

Outrageous Impala on 26's Floaters

Chevy Vert on 26's Dubs

Black 2015 CAmaro on 24's

Cadillac Limo on 26's Amani

Big Foreigns At HouseOfToyz

Charger on 30"s Star

Chevy Tahoe on 28"s

Cadillac on 26"s Zippo Floaters

Jeep Wrangler on 30's by HouseOfToyz

Black 2015 Altima on 24's

Chevy Shortbed on 26's Irocs

Best Prices on ALL DUBS!

BIG LIPS on the 24" Dubs

Exclusive 2016 DUBS

Deals on Starr Wheels

Super LOW Prices!

CAll HouseOfToyz Now!!  252-767-1981

2016 Maxima on 22's

HouseOfToyz Challenger and Charger on 30"s

HouseOfToyz Best Prices on Tires!!

Call-Or-Text: 252-767-1981

Shop With HouseOfToyz For the Best Prices!

HouseOfToyz Call-Or-Text: 252-767-1981

Call-Text Me @ 754-221-6764


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