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Friday, May 27, 2016

Whips Ridin at the 2016 Famu Battle Of the Cityz Carshow PT.1

Whips Ridin at the 2016 Famu Battle Of the Cityz Carshow PT.1

Outrageous Ford Mustang on 28's Starr

Dodge Charger R/T on 32"s Swyrl Floaters

GL on 34's Srx on 34s And FX on 32s

FX35 on 32's Floaters And Charger on 32's Floaters

Candy Teal FX35 on 32's Autonomo Forgiatos

Musa's Teal FX on 32's Forgis

Cadillac SRX on 34" Magro Forgiatos

Stuntin Hard At the Light

Running Circles Around these Haters

White Corvette on 24' Forgiatos

Nissan 350Z on 26" DUB Presidential Floaters

SRX on 34" Forgiatos And SRX on 30" Swyrl Floaters

Teal FX Swervin Thru on 32's

Cadillac SRX Game Crazy

Infiniti FX on Brushed 28's Forgiatos

Teal FX on 32's And FX on 28's Slidin

Brushed 28's Forgis Clean on the FX

Candy Mango Challenger R/T on 30" Azzmacka Floaters

Candy Green Challenger on 30" Davin Floaters

Yellow Daytona Charger on 32's Floaters

Candy Blurple Tahoe on 30's Rockstars

FX on 32's Swervin on the Tahoe 30"s!

FX Swervin King

White Audi A7 on 24" Amani Forged

Super Clean A7 on 24's

Candy Pink GL-450 Mercedes on 34" Girato Forgiatos

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