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Monday, February 19, 2018

First In the World Mercedes-Benz C300 on 26" Asantis

First In the World White Mercedes-Benz C300 on 26"s Asantis

World Record C300 Mercedes on 6's Asantis 

C300 Benz Sittin Big on 6's 

Mercedes Sittin Ridin Soft on 26's 

C-Class Benz Lifted Right on 6's 

A New Hit in the Streets of Lauderdale 

A Real " First In the World " 

Lil C300 on Big 26's 

White on White Super Clean 

Applying Pressure To the Mercedes C-Class Game 

You Wanna Take A Ride in A C300 on 6's?? 

King C300 Mercedes

First in the World White C300 Mercedes-Benz on 26's Asantis 




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