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Friday, February 23, 2018

White Chevy Monte Carlo on 26" Asantis N Forgiatos

White Chevy Monte Carlo on 26" Asanti And Forgiato Wheels

Clean Chevy MC on 6's Asantis 

Exclusive Brushed 26" Asanti Wheels 

A New HIT in the MC Game 

Going To Switch Out the Wheels 

Switched To Forgiatos With the Steering Wheel 

Exclusive Chrome Forgiato Wheels 26's 

G-Body Game Crazy 

So Fresh And So Clean 

Fresh Set of Chrome 6's Forgis 

Applying Pressure in the G-Body Game 

Ready To HIT The Streets 

MC Getting A Carshow At the House 

About to Bend Some Corners in the Streets Of Lauderdale 

Chevy Comes Alive in the Night Time

Your New Favorite G-Body MC 

Big 26's Forgis With The Steering Wheel 

Staggered 26"s Forgiatos on the MC 

White Chevy Monte Carlo on 26"s Forgiato Wheels 




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