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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Candy Pink 71 Chevy Vert on Gold 28"s Savinis

Nut's Candy Pink 71 Chevy Vert on Gold 28"s Savini Wheels

A New HIT in the Donk Game!

Vert Dippin Thru Traffic

Chevy Sittin on Exclusive Gold 28"s Savini Wheels 

Real Pressure in the Chevy Donk Game

Ready To Hit Ocean Drive on South Beach 

Showing Off that Clean LS Motor on South Beach

Girls Love to Ride in the Vert

The Chevy Gettin Heavy Play on South Beach 

Love To Hit South Beach on Sundays

The Donk Squattin 8's Like Their 26's 

Big Body Chevy 

That Big 71 Face 

Chevy Painted by KANDY RANDY 

Chevy Donk Game Certified 

Nut's Candy Pink 71 Chevy Vert on Gold 28's Savinis 

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