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Monday, June 27, 2016

Nava's Candy Green 72 Chevy Vert on Gold 30" Ventoso Forgiatos

Nava's Candy Green 72 Chevy Vert on Gold 30" Ventoso Forgiatos

Mean Green 72 Chevy!

72 Chevy Squatted on Gold 30's Forgis

A Certified HIT in the Chevy Game

Sittin Flushed on Exclusive Gold 30" Forgiato Wheels

WET Candy Paintjob Done by Sudamar

Chevy So Fresh And So Clean

Exclusive Custom Interior

Super Fresh Ins!

New KING of the Chevy Game??

Applying Pressure In the Streets!

Rollin Hard on Gold 30's Forgis

Chevy Game Doesnt Get Any Better

Pompano Chevy Game

Nava Got the Streets Goin Crazy

Shouts out to the Homie Nava

It's Still A 30's World!

Nava Did Everything Just Right!

Candy Green And Gold Go So Perfect

Bendin Corners Thru the Streets of Lauderdale

Heavy Chevys on Gold 30's

Nothing Like Ridin With the Top Down in the Chevy

Chevy posted up On Ocean Drive South Beach

Nava Really Did Them In With This One!

Nava's Candy Slime Green 72 Chevy Vert on Gold 30"s  Ventoso Forgiatos

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

1971 Chevy Caprice Grill done by GRILL DZIGNS

Custom 1971 Chevy Caprice Grill done by GRILL DZIGNS - Call/Text: 813-922-2776

Exclusive 1971 Caprice Grill

Quality Grilles For LOW Prices!

Call-Or-Text: 813-922-2776

Get Your Chevy Grilles For the Low!

Grilles Are Easy to Install

Chevy so Fresh And So Clean

Dont Overpay for your grill! Get It thru Grill Dzigns!

Grill Dzigns - Call/Text: 813-922-2776

LOW Prices And FREE Shipping

71 Caprice Grill Done Right!

Grill Dzigns- Call/Text: 813-922-2776

Friday, June 24, 2016

First in the World Nissan Juke on 28" DUB Diragio Floaters

Candy Red Nissan Juke on 28" DUB Diragio Floaters First Ever in the World

First Ever Nissan Juke on 28's Floaters

Lifted Right by wtw customs

Juke Sittin High on 28's

First to Mount Up 28's On A Nissan Juke

She Skatin on 28's Diragio Floaters

She's Applying Pressure to the Game

Juke on 28s Lookin Mean In Traffic

Leader Of All The Nissan Jukes!

She Sittin on Em!

Bringin a Different Whip Into tthe Game

Shouts out to Perk

Good To See A Female Applyin Pressure in the Game

Candy Red Paintjob by Sudamar

Kickin Off the Juke Game

Queen Juke on 28's Diragio Floaters

She Bleedin The Streets

Get Your Lift done by WTW Customs

Juke Bendin Corners on 28's

Juke Sit Clean and Just Right On 28's Spinners

Representing the Streets of Palm Beach

Juke Slidin on Ocean Drive South Beach

She Doin Her Thing In the Game

They Went Crazy When They Seen The Juke On South Beach

Love to See Girls Stuntin!

Juke Ready For Takeoff on 8's

Roller Skatin 28's Floaters

Exclusive 28" DUB Diragio Floaters

She Has A New HIT Comin Soon! Stay Tuned!

Queen Juke On High Heel 8's Floaters

Quick Photoshoot With Lauren

Juke Sittin Up Like A Baby Monster Truck

Queen Murano And Queen Juke

First Ever On Planet Earth on 28's

Perk's Nissan Spinnin Diragio 8's

First in the World Candy Red Nissan Juke on 28" DUB Diragio Floaters 

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