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Friday, February 23, 2018

Perk's First in the World 2018 GLC300 Mercedes-Benz on 30" Asantis

Perk's First in the World 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC300 on 30" FS20 Asanti Wheels

Her Whip Before: Nissan Juke on 28's Diragio Floaters 

She Came Back In the Game Brand New 2018 GLC Mercedes!

Quality Custom Lift On the Benz Done by 

STN Customs - 754-244-8443

Custom Lift Makes The Benz Still Ride Nice And Soft Even on 30" Wheels!

GLC Custom Lift Done Right by STN Customs 

GLC300 Looks Like A Beast on 30"s!

Mercedes Cant Roll in Peace, Everybody Notices

30's Asantis Right Up Under the Mercedes-Benz 

Lookin Like Pressure Comin Down The Street 

Them Brushed 30's Asantis Look So Clean 

GLC Ridin 30's On the I-95 Highway 

Benz Eye-Popping When It's In Traffic 

Mercedes Barely Cut And Still Has All It's Plastics In 

Officially Queen GLC Mercedes

Curvy Body Mercedes on High Heel 30's

A New MAJOR Hit Now in the History Books 

A REAL Big Shoutout to STN Customs For Getting This Mercedes-Benz Right

Perk is Killin The Game Right Now 

She Surprise Them Haters With the Benz Like :  #Damn

Shouts Out to Her #Perk1k

30's Fit the GLC300 Just Right 

She Doin It Big And Foreign 

Foreign German Mercedes on Big Wheel Asanti 30"s 

Goin Back to Kill the Streets of West Palm Beach

GLC Rollin Big on 30's 

It's A New World Record 

GLC300 Sits So Nice And Clean on 30" Big Wheels 

Benz Bendin Corners Thru the Streets 

Germany Meets The Streets Of South Florida 

Exclusive 30" FS20 Asanti Wheels Under the 2018 GLC300 

A Surprise New HIT to the Car Game 

Perk Comin Thru GLC Benz on Big 30's 

She A Lil Baeby Applying Pressure To the Whip Game in the Benz 

Love To See Girls Ridin Big Giving Out Pressure In the Streets 

Go To Germany And Tell Mercedes The GLC300 Game Over

World Record First Ever 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC300 Coupe on 30" Asanti Wheels 

::::: WATCH THE VIDEO ::::: 

Candy Gold 73 Buick Centurion Vert on Gold 30"s Forgiatos

Candy Gold 73 Buick Centurion Vert on Gold 30"s Forgiato Wheels

Before: Candy Blue Buick Centurion Vert on 28" DUB Super-Nova Floaters

Now: 2018 Remix The Buick To Candy Gold on Gold 30's Forgis 

Buick A Big Goldmine on 30's 

Call It the HoneyComb Buick 

A Major HIT in the Buick Game 

Applying Heavy Pressure In the Streets!

Centurion Sittin Mean And Clean on Big Gold 30's 

One Of A Kind Buick In the Game Right Now!

Beautifull Under Those Exxon Gas Station Lights

KING Buick Vert??

Like A Sweet Honey Pot on Gold 30's Forgios 

Beast Mode Buick Ready To Take Off On Em

A Certified Legendary HIT in the Streets of Lauderdale 

Catch The Buick Burnin 30's Forgis On Every Corner!

Spinnin Big 30's Like It's Nothing To the Buick 

Comin Thru the Scene Real Heavy

This Buick Is Applying Real Pressure To All Chevys!

Exclusive Gold Plated 30'Inch Forgiato Wheels 

Candy Gold 73 Buick Centurion Vert on Gold 30"s Forgiato Wheels 

::::: WATCH THE VIDEO ::::: 

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