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Friday, February 1, 2019

Candy Red Chevy C10 Shortbed Truck on 34" DUB Delish Wheels

Candy Red Chevy C10 Shortbed Truck on 34" DUB Delish Wheels

First in the World C10 Shortbed Truck on 34"s 

A NEW HIT in the Shortbed Chevy Truck Game 

C10 Sittin Clean on Big 34's 

Exclusive 34" DUB Delish Wheels Fresh Out the Box 

C10 Got the Perfect Stance on 34"s

C10 Rollin 34's At the MLK Parade 

C10 Applyin Major Pressure to the Streets 

Shortbed Making A Big Premiere at the Parade 

C10 Shortbed Choppin Hard on 34's 

Big Chrome 34's Shinin Hard

Real Heavy Chevy 

C10 Pullin Up to the Carshow 

Ready To Kill the Carshow Scene 

WET Candy Red Paintjob On the Truck 

One of the Hardest Shortbed Chevy Trucks in the Game Right Now 

Big Roller Skate 34's 

Chevy Posted Up at the Atlanta Carshow

C10 Goin on Tour From Carshow to Carshow 

Shortbed Clean Inside And Out 

C10 Beastmode 

First To Put A C10 Shortbed on 34"s 

C10 Truck on 34's And Tahoe on 32's 

C10 Gettin Towed From State to State 

From the Streets of Alabama 

Givin Alot of Other Shortbeds Real Pressure 

King Chevy C10?

C10 Fresh And Clean Under Those Gas Station Lights

2 Hits 1 Owner, C10 on 34's And Cadillac on 30's DUBS 

Shouts Out to the Homie @BK_RIMS 

King C10 Shortbed on Big Chrome 34's Dubs

BK's Candy Red C10 Chevy Shortbed Truck on 34" DUB Delish Wheels 

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