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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Pololoco's Candy Teal Porsche Cayenne on 32" Amani Forged

Pololoco's Candy Teal Cayenne Porsche on 32" Zuma Amani Forged

Before: Candy Teal Cayenne on 30" DUB Creed Floaters

Now On Exclusive 32" Amani Forged Zuma Wheels

A HIT In the Cayenne Porsche Game 

Teal Porsche Choppin 32's Amani 

Heavy In the Streets of Tally

Porsche Cayenne Grill Done by GRILL DZIGNS




Fresh Out the Garage And Ready For the Streets 

Loud Pack on the Door Panels 

Drippin Candy Teals in the Parking Lot 

Porsche Stuntin Hard at the Carshow 

Need A Ladder Just to Wash the Cayenne on 32's 

Cayenne Lookin like a Beast on 32's Amani 

Cayenne Porsche Like a Dolphin on Roller Blades!

Cayenne Cant Even Roll In Peace 

Shouts Out to the Homie PoloLoco!

Drippin WET Candy Teal Paintjob Done by KANDY RANDY 

Cayenne on 32's Amani So Damn Clean 

Cayenne Drove on 32's From Florida To Atlanta Georgia 

PoloLoco's Candy Teal Porsche Cayenne on 32" Zuma Amani Forged 

Solo's Candy Mango Gold Infiniti Q70 S on 30" Forgiatos

Solo's Candy Mango Gold Infiniti Q70 S on Brushed 30" Autonomo Forgiatos

Before And After! 

Solo Went and Spray the Q70 Candy Mucho Mango Gold!

WET New Candy Paintjob Getcha A New Blowjob

New Paintjob Makes the Q70 Look Like A Whole New HIT

New Drip Alert

Q70 Drippin And Choppin 30's Floaters

On Big 30's And Still Rides Like Stock!

Q70 So Fresh And So Clean 

Heavy Pressure in the Streets of VA 

Big Body Q70 Tuckin 30's Real Nice

Candy Teal QX70 on 32's Floaters And Q70 on 30's Floaters 

The Homie Solo Always Applyin Pressure on Em 

Mango Gold Q70 So Perfect on Big 30's Davins Floaters

Solo Took the Floaters Off And Went 30's Forgiatos 

Sittin Big on Big 30's 

Exclusive Brushed 30" Autonomo Forgiato Wheels 

Brushed Rims Really Set it Off

Candy Pink FX35 on 32's Forgiatos And Q70 on 30's Forgiatos 

Posted Up in the Parking Lot 

Gold Q70 S on Brushed 30's Forgis 

FinFin Sits So Nice on 30's Forgis 

Q70 Choppin Thru the Snow 

30's Forgis Choppin Hard

That Candy Mango Gold Glowin When the SUN Hits 

Door Panels Got the Music Pack Super Loud 

A Major League HIT In the Game 

Q70 Killin the Parkin Lot 

Which Look Better the DUB Floaters - OR - The Forgiato Wheels?

One And Only Q70 S on 30's Forgiatos 


Check What The Tag on the Q Say

Solo's Candy Mucho Mango Gold Infiniti Q70 S on 30" Forgiatos 

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