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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Whips at the 2012 Florida Classic Carshow PT.3

Whips at the 2012 Florida Classic Carshow PT.3

2DR Chevy Box on 30's DUB Moguls

Pearl Chevy Impala on 26's DUB Azzmacka Floaters

Chevy Vert on 30's Asantis

Green Chevy Box Sittin on 30's DUBs

Dodge Truck on 30's Forgiatos

Teal SRT8 Challenger on 32's Zig Zag Dub Floaters

Green Dodge Ram Truck on 30's Forgiatos

Outrageous Pink Infiniti QX56 on 30's Asantis

Teal N Yellow Challenger on 32's ZigZag Floaters

Outragous Bondi Beach Mercedes-Benz R500 on 30" Inferno Forgiatos

Outrageous Cadillac Escalade EXT on 28" DAVIN Slide Floaters

Candy Teal Chevy Donk on 30" Asanti VF602's

Orange Chevy Tahoe on 30" DUB Stashola Floaters

Tahoe on 30's Stashola Floaters

Challenger on 32's ZigZag's And QX56 on 30's Asantis

Outrageous Benz on 30's Forgiato Infernos

Black QX56 on 30's Forgiatos N Candy Orange on 30's Forgiatos

Outrageous Chevy Tahoe on 28"s Asantis

Chevy Donk on 26's Asantis

Orange Tahoe on 30's Stashola DUB Floaters

Girl's Posin on da Gold Caddy SRX on 32's Forgiatos

Audi A8 on 28's Asantis N Outrageous Chameleon SRX on 32's Forgiatos


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