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Monday, December 17, 2012

Whips At the 2012 Florida Classic in Orlando PT.2

Whips At the 2012 Florida Classic in Orlando PT.2

Candy Lime-Gold Chevy Vert on 30" DAVIN TWSTD Floaters

Candy Tangerine BMW 7-Series on 28" DUB Revolution Floaters

Candy Red Ford Edge on 28" DUB Bandito Floaters

Candy Red Mercury Grand Marquis on 28" DAVIN Milan Floaters

Reggie's Chevy Camaro on 32" Forgiato Enzo

Black Ford Thunderbird on 28" DUB Frantic Floaters

Black Cayenne Porsche on 28" DUB Billionaire Floaters Slidin

Outrageous Chameleon Cadillac SRX on 32" Emilano Forgiatos

Bentley Coupe on 24" Grassetto Forgiatos

2011 Chevy Malibu on 26" DUB Bellagio Floaters

Candy Blue Oldsmobile Alero on 28" DAVIN Slide Floaters

Black Chevy Avalanche on 30" DUB BANDITO Floaters

Chevy Donk on 28" DUB Delusion Floaters

Plies's Chrome Chevy Impala on 26" DUB Azmacka Floaters

Outrageous Dodge Charger on 28" DAVIN STASH Floaters

Cadillac on 26" DUB Swyrl Floaters

Candy Red Dodge Charger on 30" DAVIN ATT1 Floaters N Magnum on 32" Dignitary Floaters

Black Chevy Camaro on 32" DUB Bandito And Magnum on 32" DAVIN Floaters

Candy Teal BMW 745 on 28" DUB Super-Nova Floaters

Black Chevy Vert on 30" DUB STASHOLA FLoaters

Outrageous Pink Chevy LS Box on 28"s

VON's Candy Gold Chevy Impala on 30" DUB Forty Floaters

Candy Orange Cadillac SRX on 28" DUB HAM Floaters

GOLD ZL1 Camaro Vert on 30" Maschilli Forgiatos Gettin Towed to the Show

Candy Brandywine Dodge Magnum on 32" DAVIN Dignitary Floaters

Chevy Box on 30" DUB Nolia Floaters

Buick Lacrosse on 26" DUB Stashola Floaters

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