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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lauderdale Whips Slidin Thru 2014 PT.2

Lauderdale Whips Slidin Thru 2014 PT.2

White Infiniti FX on 30" VF602 Asantis

Candy Purple Touareg on 30's Forgiatos

Pearl Acura ZDX on 30" Forgiatos Slidin

4DR Chevy Donk on Brushed 26" Forgiatos

Candy Green Chevy Vert on Brushed 26" Asantis

Infiniti FX35 on 32" Autonomo Forgiatos With A Thick Redbone Lol

Mercedes-Benz GLK-350 on 26" Asantis

Pompano Candy Blue Donk on 26" Forgiatos Brushed

Pompano Oldsmobile Cutlass on 30's 

YG BMW X5 on 30's Forgiatos N Black GL-450 on 32" Forgiatos

319 YG Whip Game

Matte Red T-Rex on 22" Forgiatos Slidin

His N Hers Evoque on 26" Lexanis N Charger R/T on 26" Forgiatos

His N hers Back to back Slidin

Meechy's Candy Purple Touareg on 30" Forgiatos

Candy Red Chevy ElCamino on 26" Asantis

Super WET El-Camino on 26" Asantis

Outrageous Chevy Box on 30" Asantis

Tony's Box on 30's Asantis Slidin

Grand Prix on 30's Floaters Slidin

Black GL-450 on 32" Forgiatos

Cutlass on 30"s Slidin

Red Chevy Impala on 28" Dub Floaters

Silver BMW X5 on 30"s Forgis Slidin

Impala on 26" Zveet Floaters

X5 on 30's Forgiatos N Impala on 26's Floaters Swervin

Black Mercedes-Benz GL-450 on 32" Forgiatos

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