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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lauderdale Whips Slidin Thru 2014

Lauderdale Whips Slidin Thru 2014

Candy Magenta Pink GL-450 Mercedes-Benz on 30" Asantis

Candy Purple Touareg Volkswagon on 30" Forgiatos Slidin

Silver BMW X5 on 30's Forgiatos Slidin

Bigg's Candy Pink GL-450 on 30's Asantis

Touareg on 30's Swervin

Mercedes on 30's Sittin Nice

Box on 30's - X5 on 30's And Benz on 30's Slidin

Candy Slime Green BMW X3 on 30" Asantis Slidin

First Ever X3 on 30's Asantis

Sittin Just Right on 30's

Slime X3 BMW on 30" Asanti Rims Slidin

Pompano Whips Slidin

Candy Tangerine Cutlass on 26" Asantis

Candy Rootbeer 2dr Box on 26" Asantis

Candy Red Oldsmobile Cutlass on 26" Asantis

Back to Back Cutlass Game

WET Candy Paintjobs

Box N Cutlass on 26" Asanti Rims

Buck's Candy Purple Donk on 28" Forgiatos

Chevy Donk on Brushed 28" Forgiatos

White Nissan Altima Coupe on 24" Forgiatos

Candy Pink Dodge Charger R/T on 30" AMANI

Jelly's Candy Purple Chevy Donk on 30" Magro Forgiatos

Jelly's Purple Donk on 30" Forgis

Candy Gold Dodge Challenger on 24" Gold Daytons

White BMW X6 on 32" Autonomo Forgiatos

Candy Blue Chevy Camaro on 26" Asantis

FOR SALE: Candy Pink Charger R/T on 30" Amani

Candy Pink Grand on 30's Floaters N Charger on 30" Amani

BMW X6 N Porsche Cayenne on 32" Forgiatos

It's Level 32!

Lauderdale Streets on Smash!

Porsche Cayenne on 32"s Forgiatos Slidin

White X6 on 32"s Forgiatos

Lauderdale Foreign Whip Game! X6 on 32's Forgis N Cayenne on 32's Forgis

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