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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lauderdale Whips Slidin For Sistrunk Weekend 2014 PT.4

Lauderdale Whips Slidin For Sistrunk Weekend 2014 PT.4

Black Mercedes-Benz ML-350 on 30" Asantis

Candy Slime X5 on 30" Magro Forgiatos

Candy Pink Cayenne on 32" Enzo Forgiatos

Exclusive Hits Slidin

Silver Oldsmobile Cutlass on 24" Forgiatos

Candy Slime Green BMW X5 on 30" Forgiato Magro

Candy Tangerine 2DR Chevy Box on 30" DUB Bandito Floaters

Candy Purple Chevy Vert on Brushed 30" Asantis Slidin

White BMW X6 on 32" Forgiatos Slidin

Blue BMW X6 on 28" Asantis Slidin

Chrome SRX on 32" Forgiatos Slidin

Silver Cutlass on 24" Forgiatos

Doom City 2DR Chevy Box on 30's Floaters

30" Forgis And 30's Floaters

X6 on 32"s Forgis Slidin

X5 on 30's N Box on 30's

Chrome Wrapped SRX on 32's Forgiatos

Supa's Candy Blue X6 on 28"Asantis

Slime Green X5 on 30" Forgaitos N Chrome Wrap SRX on 32" Forgiatos

Lauderdale Whip Game Crazy

30" N 32" Forgiatos

Blue X6 on 28"s N Chrome Cadillac on 32"s

Slime X5 on 30's Forgis And Blue X6 on 28" Asantis 

Cayenne on 32"s Enzo Forgiatos And X5 30" Magro Forgiatos

Lauderdale Owns the BMW X Whip Game!!

Whips Posted Up in Pompano

Whip Game Crazy!

Slime X5 on 30's Forgis, Chrome SRX on 32's Forgis And Blue X6 on 28" Asantis

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