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Monday, March 17, 2014

Lauderdale Whips Slidin On Sistrunk Weekend 2014

Lauderdale Whips Slidin On Sistrunk Weekend 2014 PT.1

Candy Magenta Pink Porsche Cayenne on 32" Forgiatos

WET Candy Slime BMW X5 on 30" Magro Forgiatos

Black Acura TL on 24" Rockstars

Pink Vert on 28" Forgiatos And Murano Vert on 32" Amani

Candy Pink Pontiac Grand prix on 30" Davin Twstd Floaters

First Porsche On 32's 

Greedy's Slime X5 on 30's Forgiatos

WET candy Slime X5 BMW on 30's Forgiatos

Lauren's Candy Teal Murano on 32" Amani

Teal Gang

Whips Slidin

Candy Pink Cayenne on 32" Forgiatos N Candy Green X5 on 30's Forgiatos

Lil Meech's Cayenne Porsche on 32"s Forgis

Sittin Clean on 32"s Forgiatos

Greedy's WET Candy Slime X5 on 30's Magro 

319 YG 

LP Slidin Her Murano on 32's

Bendin Corners Thru lauderdale

Candy Teal ML-350 Mercedes Benz on 30" Forgiatos

#TealGang ML-350 on 30"s Forgiatos N Murano on 32"s Amani

Pompano Candy Pink Chevy Box on 26"s

Candy Red Chevy Box on 28" DUB Swyrl Floaters Slidin

Candy Gold Avalanche Truck on 28" Forgiatos N Regal on 30's Asantis

Major League HITS only!

Candy Teal ML on 30's Forgis, Teal Murano Vert on 32's And Pink Cayenne on 32" Forgis

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