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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jay's Jeep Wrangler on 32" Amani

Jay's Red Jeep Wrangler on 32" Amani

First in the World Wrangler Jeep on 32"s

Jay Just Killed The Jeep Game!

World's First Wrangler on 32"s Killin It!

When She See the Jeep Comin Thru

Applying Pressure To All the Wranglers in the Game

32"s Just Right

Shouts Out the The Homie Jay!

Stunt With Ya Brothas, Dont Compete With Em! #TeamStrong

KING Wrangler on 32"s #QueenIsh

32's With the Doors Off Stuntin!

Even Plies Lovin It!

Representing Orlando!

Jay's Jeep Wrangler on 32" Amani Rims

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