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Sunday, July 1, 2018

2016 Ford Fusion on Black 30" Azara 501 Wheels

2016 Ford Fusion on Black 30" Azara 501 Rims

Ford Fusion on Big 30's Azara 

2nd Ford Fusion in the Game on 30's 

Lifted by Florida Boy Customs 

Fusion Sittin Clean on 30's 

Big 30"s Azara Wheels 

Ford Fusion Bendin Corners on Big 30's 

It's a 30"s World 

Choppin Hard on 30's Azara

Sittin up And Clearing a 5-Gallon Bucket

Like A Big Fish on Wheels 

Fusion Up Big on 30's 

Pull Up to the Scene on Huge 30's 

Kia on 28's And Fusion on 30's 

Line Up Game Crazy in Tally 

Fusion at the Carshow 

Fusion Rollin Loud 

Standin High on top of the Fusion on 30's At the Carshow 

Fusion Won 1St Place at the Carshow

32's 28's and 30's Swervin Thru the Streets of Tally

A Certified New HIT in the Game 

Fusion on 30's Sittin high Next to the fire truck 

Beast Mode Fusion 

Fusion Ready to Kill the Streets

Fusion Always Winning At Carshows

Stuntin Hard with the Homie OG Magnum 

New Ford Fusion King?

2016 Ford Fusion on Black 30" Azara 501 Wheels 

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