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Friday, March 12, 2021

AD's Candy Dirty Sprite Infiniti QX80 On Rosegold 34" Asantis

 AD's Candy Dirty Sprite Infiniti QX80 On Rosegold 34"  Asantis 

QX80 On 34's Asantis 

BEFORE: First Ever QX On 34's 

All Black Everything on the Infiniti 

AD Went and Sprayed the Truck Candy Dirty Sprite

Paintjob done by The HIT Factory 

Big FinFin Truck Drippin!

A MAJOR HIT in the Whip Game 

Stuntin Hard on every scene

Perfect Color Combo 

A Real Beast in the streets

Big Whale on 34's 

Choppin Hard on Rosegold Asantis

Its Crazy How 34's Fit so Perfectly

A Real High Roller

A VIRAL Hit on the Internet

Ready to Hit the Carshow 

The Ladies Love the truck 

Stuntin Hard at the Florida Classic Carshow 

Shouts out to @AD_Dagreat

For The Culture

QX80 Gettin Fresh and Cleaned

A Beast In the Streets of Lauderdale

Supreme Gas Only

Rollin Over All Haters in Traffic 

One and Only QX Like this in the World!

They Go crazy when this truck pulls up 

Applyin Pressure to all the Infinitis in the Game 

QX Stay Cleaned Up

@Superior.Shelbie Doin Youtube Feature on the Infiniti truck 

AD really Snapped on Em!

Candy Dirty Sprite Infiniti QX80 on Rosegold 34" Asantis 

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