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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lauderdale Whips Slidin For Easter Sunday 2013

Lauderdale Whips Slidin For Easter Sunday 2013 PT.1

Girl's White Rogue on 28" Stashola Floaters

Von's Candy Gold Impala on 32" DUB Hurricayne Floaters With Crazy Doors!

Outrageous Impala on 28" DUB WU Floaters

Red Dodge Charger on 28" DUB Da-Bomb Floaters

Girl's Tag team Altima Coupes on 24" Asantis N Forgiatos

Red BMW X6 on 28" Forgiatos Slidin

Nissan Rouge on 28" Stashola Spinners

Candy Red Audi A8 on 28's Asantis

Rogue on 28's Floaters N FX35 on 30's Forgiatos

Candy Red Chevy Donk on 28" Forgiatos

White 2012 Infiniti FX35 on 30" VF602 Asantis 

Candy Orange Cadillac SRX on 30" Diablos

Twin's Candy Teal X6 on 30" Asantis Slidin

World's First Ever X6 on 30's Killin The Game!

X6 Sittin Clean on 30's!

Red Charger on 28's Floaters

Red BMW X6 on 28's Forgiatos Swervin

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